Dale Irwin


Mr. Irwin has served as Greenidge’s President since Greenidge was acquired by the Controlling Stockholder in February 2014 and began serving solely as President, overseeing day-to-day operations, in March of 2021. He previously also served as the Chief Executive Officer of Greenidge from 2014 until March 2021. Mr. Irwin has more than 20 years of diverse international experience in leading teams and managing projects from idea to execution. In his 18+ years of experience in the energy sector, Mr. Irwin has managed numerous large and small-scale capital projects, including the conversion of Greenidge from a 1930s era coal-fired power plant to a modern, 21st-century natural gas-powered plant and, ultimately, a fully compliant power plant-bitcoin mining company. He provides expertise in power plant compliance, construction management, outage management, energy operations, and maintenance training. Mr. Irwin holds a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management from Keuka College.