“We are committed to our employees and recognize that people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives are what makes an organization greater than the sum of its parts.”

– Dale Irwin, President

“We’re not doing the same thing every day. You get to work on projects from someone saying, ‘Can you try this?’ all the way up to getting to design things, ordering the parts, physically installing it, testing it, using it. I’m an engineer, but I also assist with operations. I think it’s a great place to work.”


Every member of the Greenidge Generation team plays an important role in our facility’s operation. We look for skilled engineers and technicians with a solid work ethic and attention to detail who are team players interested in continuous learning and improvement.

We search for a diverse, curious, ambitious set of individuals who are ready to join a team that is constantly training for their next set of responsibilities. Employees have the opportunity to take courses, complete training modules, work with seasoned professionals and learn skills to actively advance their own professional careers.

Greenidge Generation provides competitive pay, health insurance coverage, and a generous benefits package. Apply to be a member of our valued team if you’re ready to grow professionally and personally.

“We all do several jobs at the same time. The dedication and work ethic here is fantastic.”

“We have steam systems and turbines, and the book shows what they are and how they work, but my trainer sent me out to find where they are. When you’re looking at a computer screen and there’s all these controls, and you click on one, you need to know what you’re clicking on. He walked me through all of the steam systems, how the plant works, a page-by-page learning experience. It was really challenging. You learn all the sides – mechanical and electrical.”