A True Environmental Leader in Power Generation and Cryptocurrency Transaction Processing


Greenidge is a natural gas powerplant providing electricity to local homes and businesses, and the first and only 100% carbon-neutral bitcoin miner in the U.S.

The company has transformed a former coal-fired plant into a clean-burning natural gas powerplant, reducing historic carbon emissions at the facility by approximately 75%.

Reliable power when you need it most


Thanks to our cryptocurrency operation, our response time in providing power to the grid for local homes and businesses has declined from 14 hours to 30 minutes in the event of a natural disaster or extreme weather.

“We all take responsibility for everything we do. Our team lives in the area, and we swim in Seneca Lake on the weekends. Because of that, no one passes the buck here. Our team performs at exceptional operational, environmental, and safety performance levels.” –Greenidge Generation LLC CEO Dale Irwin

An impeccable safety record


Greenidge Generation makes safety an integral part of the corporate culture. Safety is more than everyone’s job—it’s an attitude, a recognition of the importance of every person on the team, from plant management to the newest engineer. Our employees live in the region and rigorously follow all regulatory and environmental processes required by federal and state governments, participating in weekly safety meetings where they are encouraged to proactively bring up any issue.

Contractors to the plant are instructed in safety procedures as well, and they are expected to take the same personal responsibility for everyone’s well-being.

The results speak for themselves: since 2014, when sponsored funds of Atlas Holdings LLC purchased the plant, Greenidge Generation has maintained a perfect record of employee safety—even during the intense conversion process from coal to natural gas.