Power Generation

Energy efficiency = low cost


Using natural gas to generate electricity, Greenidge Generation runs at new levels of thermodynamic efficiency, achieving historic lows in the cost of producing power.

A pipeline brings natural gas directly to the plant, eliminating the trucking and handling procedures involved in burning coal.

When we don’t need gas, we turn off the valve to the pipeline. There’s no expensive inventory to store.

Natural gas produces no solid waste, so we don’t need a costly waste management operation.

Computer-controlled power generation reduces the need for multiple layers of supervision.

The result is a plant that runs at peak efficiency with a lean, highly skilled staff.

Reliable power when you need it most


You might think that an older plant would face challenges in staying online, but Greenidge Generation maintains 97% reliability, a very high number in the power industry. We achieve this through strict maintenance protocols and our staff’s ability to spot issues before they become problems.

As CEO Dale Irwin says, “We all take responsibility for what we do. The secret is to put together a great team. No one passes the buck here. Our team performs at exceptional levels, not only in operational performance, but in safety performance as well.”

An impeccable safety record


Safety is more than everyone’s job—it’s an attitude, a recognition of the importance of every person on the team, from plant management to the newest engineer. Greenidge Generation makes safety an integral part of the corporate culture. Not only do employees follow all of the regulatory processes required of power plants by the federal and state governments, but they also participate in weekly safety meetings, where they can bring up any plant issue they feel needs to be addressed.

Contractors to the plant are instructed in safety procedures as well, and they are expected to take the same personal responsibility for their people’s well-being.

The results speak for themselves: since 2014, when sponsored funds of Atlas Holdings LLC purchased the plant, Greenidge Generation has maintained a perfect record of employee safety—even during the intense conversion process from coal to natural gas.