Greg Ohanessian

Chief Mining Officer

Mr. Ohanessian has worked as a consultant to Greenidge since 2019 and became the Chief Mining Officer in 2021. Mr. Ohanessian is an experienced veteran of the crypto mining community since he started mining in 2013. From 2017 through 2020, Mr. Ohanessian served as Chief Mining Officer at VC Mining Enterprises Inc., a Bitcoin Mining Data Center in Georgia, where he led a team of 10 employees and scaled the facility from its beginnings to 18 MW in 3 years. Mr. Ohanessian has substantial experience working with cryptocurrencies and mining equipment. Mr. Ohanessian led Bitmain’s first USA training class for miner repair in 2019 at Core Scientific’s Dalton, GA facility and is featured in a number of their training videos for recruitment. Mr. Ohanessian is known in the crypto community for his professionalism and industry expertise.