About Greenidge Generation


NYSEG puts plant online as a coal-fired operation


NYSEG current steam turbine installed


Two turbines and three boilers taken out of service


Plant purchased by AES Corporation


One turbine and one boiler taken out of service


Plant purchased by affiliates of Atlas Holdings LLC


After 2.5 years of site evaluation and environmental impact studies, Greenidge receives required permits


Greenidge Generation comes back online using natural gas


Test pilot for mining starts


Launch of full-service data center for blockchain services
First phase of 25MW complete, with 14MW already in operation

Greenidge Generation began in 1937 as a coal-fired power plant, commissioned by New York State Electric and Gas Corporation (NYSEG). AES Corporation purchased the plant in 1999 and continued to run it until 2011, when it found the plant too costly to run in its current configuration. By this time, AES already had taken several turbines and boilers out of service.

Private investment funds sponsored and managed by Atlas Holdings LLC purchased the plant from AES in 2014. Based in Greenwich, CT and founded in 2002, Atlas and its affiliates own and operate manufacturing and distribution businesses across the globe.

  • Become a strong, sustainable and growing business
  • Be a leader in its market
  • Consistently outperform its peers
  • Generate sustainably high returns on invested capital over the long term

With these goals in mind, Greenidge began the lengthy process of converting its power generation method from coal to natural gas. Not only did this require new equipment and expertise, but it also needed a series of approvals and permits from the state and federal governments. These permit applications, reviews, and eventual approvals took three years to complete.

In 2017, plant staff and contractors completed the conversion in six months, laying a pipeline from the plant to the New York State natural gas supply just four miles away and installing an advanced computer-driven system for plant operations. In May 2017, the transformed Greenidge Generation plant went online, with the capability to run throughout the year.

Given the then and projected demand levels from the state’s energy grid, Greenidge believed there may be additional opportunity to utilize the facility’s unique attributes to strengthen the company and the regional grid, and create a more valuable economic driver for our region. In 2019, after identifying server hosting as this opportunity, Greenidge successfully ran test pilots for blockchain mining and started construction of a data center for blockchain services.

By leveraging strategic industry partnerships and a workforce from the Yates County and surrounding areas, Greenidge was able to complete the construction of this new facility from start to finish in less than four months. Finally, in January 2020, Greenidge launched the first phase of a state-of-the-art data center for blockchain mining, with flexible allocation for hosting customers and new investors. This new facility has a capacity of 22 megawatts (MW) in its first phase and upto 106MW after completion of all phases.